Korean Cafe’s Crazy Foot Fetish

Korean culture takes health very seriously. Specifically, proper diets and beauty regimes are a very important aspect of everyday life in Korea. Now, cafes are undergoing an innovative process to take these cultural practices to the next level!

It is no surprise that there are destinations that take care of both beauty and health in Korea!In popular city spots, such as Myeongdong and Seoul, there is a café that offers *unlimited* coffee and bread as you partake in an interesting and unique beauty practice. At the Namu Guneul café,also cleverly known as Dr. Fish, you sit back and dine on your treats, while a bunch of little fish are getting a meal of their own –you!

Now now, don’t jump to any crazy conclusions. More precisely, these little fish are eating your dead skin. It’s not as scary as it sounds flat out though. This process is completely painless–although it the sensation that may tickle a bit if you are not used to it. The little fish get rid of all that extra dead skin that make your feet cracked and rough, leaving them smooth and healthy.

This method is a much more comfortable alternative to the traditional Korean way of removing dead skin (paying an ajumma/ ajeosi to roughly scrub excess skin away at the jimjilbang). It is also a fun and relaxing trip that you can take with your friends if you’re looking for an affordable and unique quick spa getaway. On top of all of that, let’s not forget the unlimited coffee and bread! The reviews show that Dr. Fish does not skip out on their quality. Their whole menu is praised and although the unlimited options are a little limited, they have a full menu of tasty things to choose from like any other Korean cafe. Even if you are not interested in their unique little spa treatment, you can always just go there for the great food and fun atmosphere.The whole design of the place is very modern, aquatic and chic, leaving people to absolutely rave about the place. Can you blame them? A spa getaway with unlimited food, how could this really get any better?

What do you guys think? Would you guys try this out? I know it sounds like fun for me!