The Cutest Korean Vacation Spot

If you thought Lotte World and Everland were a magical sight to behold, think again! Jejudo is one of the most well-known Korean vacation spots and with good reason. Aside from the delicious cuisine, breathtaking views and magnificent landscapes, there is one place making it even better and it involves giant teddy bears (yes, teddy bears!).

The Teseum (테지움) is exactly what the name suggests – a teddy bear museum! Jejudo is the proud home of this wonderful attraction, with it being the only kind of museum featuring cute stuffed animals on earth! These little cuties can be seen reenacting themes from movies such as superman, historical events and even children’s fairy tales -and no, not just the three little bears. Not to mention the diva bears, who are boasting some extreme fashion sense with celebrity costumes and some who suffer an identity crisis dressing as tigers, sharks and even dolphins. Momma always said be who you wanna be, so these bears clearly took her advice.

Don’t think that’s all they have to offer, as this magical museum also runs a safari tour where visitors can exhibit all sorts of teddy bears and stitched dolls including ones shaped like wildlife animals, marine animals, flowers, birds, and more. For those fans of all things Korean, don’t worry, it is featured in English and only costs 5,000 won (Roughly $5.00usd). Even Girl’s Day knows what’s up as they visited the museum during their Japanese series “Kira Kira Slim.”

This will be the only museum you’d catch me in on any trip!